TRG Toys - Funko Mystery 6 Pack (Chase Edition) - Limited Batch - February 2019 SOLD OUT!!

Funko Pop!

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We're offering a quick and easy 6 pack this go round, but with a twist!  We have accumulated a lot of Chases and want to spread the wealth!

Limited batches of our Funko Clearance Mystery Box are available from time to time.  These mystery boxes are just that, a total mystery!  Each box will have 6 Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures inside, including one Chase.  These boxes can have commons, damaged packages and even an exclusive or two.  These boxes could have 6 totally random Pops or could even feature an entire set of one line up.  For every batch we offer, there will be one random GOLDEN GOOSE EGG box.  This box will feature 2 Chases!!  Will the Goose bestow upon you his Golden Egg!?!?  Check back often to see when we are offering or sign up for our newsletter to be ahead of the crowd.  Good Luck!


**Please note a 2 Pack may be included which does count for 2 Pop figures.  Shipment on these cases happen when all are sold out or within 5 business days, whichever occurs first. SOLD OUT!  We expect shipment of these by 2/19/19.