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Batman Sovereign Knight One:12 Collective Action Figure:

Mezco's One:12 Batman trilogy continues with the Batman Sovereign Knight One:12 Collective Action Figure! Now at the peak of his career, the Sovereign Knight is the Batman of the present day. This is Batman in his prime. Within his crime-fighting career, Bruce Wayne has honed his skills, methods, and physical fitness to their apex. His tech is significantly enhanced. The Bat-Suit has been augmented to provide more protection and greater mobility. Using the tools and knowledge he has acquired since starting his war on crime, in combination with his upgraded arsenal, the Sovereign Knight is ready to take on the most dangerous of Gotham's criminals.

The Batman Sovereign Knight One:12 Collective Action Figure costume includes a cowled head, leather-like cape, fitted suit with body armor detail, 3D chest insignia, SAP gloves, tactical boots, and his utility belt with grappling gun holster.

The Batman Sovereign Knight One:12 Collective Action Figure features:
3x head portraits
1x pair of fists (L&R)
1x pair of posing hands (L&R)
1x pair of gun holding hands (L&R)
1x pair of batarang holding hands (L&R)
1x kryptonite knuckle (R)
10x small batarangs
1x large batarang
1x bat-drone
1x sonic distributor
1x grappling gun
1x grappling hook (inserts into gun)
1x grappling hook with string attached (inserts into gun)

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