Beast Kingdom - Spider-Man 60th Anniversary Series - MEA-037 Random Mini Figure

Beast Kingdom


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Spider-Man 60th Anniversary MEA-037 Random Mini-Figure:

Spider-Man from Marvel Comics is officially celebrating its 60th anniversary of web-slinging fun! Join Beast Kingdom and celebrate the monumental milestone with the release of the Spider-Man 60th Anniversary MEA-037 Mini-Figure Case of 6! The possible designs include Superior Spider-Man, Future Foundation Spider-Man, Japanese Spider-Man, Spider-Clan, Spider-Man Noir, and classic Spider-Man! Watch out for rare, special edition character! Combine each mini-figure to create an impressive high-rise tower of Spidey fun! Each mini-figure measures approximately 3-inches tall.
Photo depicts entire set.  For each quantity of 1 you purchase, you will receive a random figure from the set.  No special requests will be honored for particular characters.  Thank you.