DC - DC Collector - Mongul Megafig (Superman: Villians)

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DC Collector Megafig Mongul Action Figure:

Conquer the cosmos with the ruler of Warworld! The DC Collector Megafig Wave 4 Mongul Superman: Villains Action Figure features ultra articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play. The large and menacing Mongul Megafig is in scale with the 7-inch figures in the DC Multiverse line (sold separately). Mongul comes with a display base. Also included is a collectable card with Mongul artwork on the front, and a character biography on the back.

Mongul is the brutal ruler of the planet-sized weapon of mass destruction called Warworld. Using Warworld to conquer planets across the cosmos, the tyrant enslaves the inhabitants and forces the strongest among them to serve in his horde army or suffer an uncertain fate in gladiator-style games for his amusement. Mongul's immense size, rock-like body, and rapid regeneration make him nearly invincible. And his super-strength, speed, and agility make him almost unstoppable! Ages 12 and up.