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DC Page Punchers Wave 3 Ocean Master 7-Inch Figure & Comic:

From the depths of DC Comics comes Ocean Master! The Aquaman Page Punchers Wave 3 7-Inch Scale Ocean Master Action Figure features up to 22 points of articulation for maximum posing and play. The detailed 7-inch scale Ocean Master action figure includes a trident and a figure base. Along with an exclusive comic, a collectible card with artwork on the front and a character biography on the back is included! The figure and comic pack come packaged in a window box. Don't miss this epic Aquaman Page Punchers Wave 3 Ocean Master 7-Inch Scale Action Figure with Comic Book!

Orm is eternally jealous of his half-brother, known on the surface world as Aquaman, and has dedicated his life to not only taking his throne away from him - and thereby taking it for himself - but also destroying everything and everyone that he holds dear. Although they are related by blood, Orm has none of Aquaman's nobility or charity, and only exhibits ruthlessness and sadism. For ages 12 and up.