DC - DC Multiverse - Blackest Night Deathstorm (Atrocitus BAF)

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DC Build-A Wave 8 Blackest Night Deathstorm 7-Inch Figure:

The DC Build-A Wave 8 Blackest Night Deathstorm 7-Inch Scale Action Figure features him with his look from the Blackest Night comic book series. Deathstorm is designed with ultra articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play. Deathstorm comes with a White Lantern and a base. A collectable art card with photography on the front, and character biography on the back is also included. Deathstorm comes with a piece of Red Lantern Atrocitus. Collect all 4 figures in Wave 8 to build an oversized Red Lantern Atrocitus action figure (each sold separately)!

The result of the deceased Firestorm being taken host by a Black Lantern ring, Deathstorm joined the ranks of the undead Black Lanterns set on destroying all life as we know it throughout the universe. As a key threat in Blackest Night, Deathstorm is part of the siege on Earth to defend the Black Lantern Battery and tasked with fighting the remaining members of the Justice League.