DC - DC Multiverse - Titans Arsenal (Beast Boy BAF)

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DC Build-A Wave 10 Titans Arsenal 7-Inch Action Figure:

The incredibly detailed DC Build-A Wave 10 Titans Arsenal 7-Inch Scale Action Figure brings the skilled bowman to center stage. Arsenal is designed with up to 22 points of articulation for a full range of posing and play. He comes with a longbow, quiver of arrows, and a display base. Also included is a collectible card with character artwork on the front and a biography on the back. Arsenal contains a Build-A figure piece. Collect them all (sold separately) to build Beast Boy! Ages 12 and up.

Adopted by a Navajo shaman named Brave Bow, orphan Roy Harper spent his early teens learning survival skills and becoming a crack archer. He learned so quickly, he eventually earned the nickname "Speedy." Making his way to Seattle, Roy served as costumed sidekick and mechanical engineer to millionaire Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. In addition to battling alongside the Emerald Archer, Roy was a founding member of the Teen Titans. For ages 12 and up.