DC - McFarlane Collector Edition - Green Lantern Alan Scott

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DC McFarlane Collector Green Lantern Alan Scott 7-In. Figure:

Celebrate Alan Scott's appearance as Green Lantern! The DC McFarlane Collector Edition Wave 1 Green Lantern Alan Scott Day of Vengeance 7-Inch Scale Action Figure includes a lantern, attachable flame accessory, exclusive card stand, and display base. Also included is a collectible art card with a character biography on the back. Fully articulated, the limited edition figure is showcased in premium window box packaging.

A founding member of the Justice Society of America, Alan Scott has been a trailblazer for over 80 years. Alan Scott is the first to bear the name Green Lantern, wielding a ring that focuses a mystical green flame. As time passed and Alan aged, he evolved into a mentor and inspiration to generations of new superheroes. Recharging his ring through his magic lantern, Green Lantern made his emerald glow a sign of hope and source of inspiration for decades.