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DC Batman Adventures W1 Killer Croc & Baby Doll 6-In. Figure:

The animated Batman saga continues with The New Batman Adventures! The DC The New Batman Adventures Wave 1 Killer Croc with Baby Doll 6-Inch Action Figure captures the amazing detail and look of the animation with unique cel shading. Accessories include a figure base, 2 extra hands, turkey, and bottle. Also included is a reproduction animation cel, model sheet, and art frame.

Most of Batman's rogues gallery is comprised of mentally deranged killers, or diabolically smart criminal masterminds. Most are generally human. But one stands apart - the massive freak of nature known as Killer Croc. Born as Waylon Jones, Croc has a rare genetic condition which gives him a crocodilian appearance. Raised by an abusive aunt who mocked his deformity, he eventually ran away and joined the circus, becoming a sideshow carnival attraction, where patrons could come and gawk at the freakish strongman called "Killer Croc." Croc eventually departed for Gotham City, where he began a life of crime - one which brought him into regular conflict with the Dark Knight. For ages 12 and up.