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DC New Batman Adventures Wave 1 Two-Face 6-Inch Figure:

The animated Batman saga continues with The New Batman Adventures! The DC The New Batman Adventures Wave 1 Two-Face 6-Inch Action Figure captures the amazing detail and look of the animation with unique cel shading. Accessories include a figure base, 4 extra hands, gas mask, stopwatch, and loot bag. Also included is a reproduction animation cel, model sheet, and art frame.

A prominent and well-educated District Attorney, Harvey Dent fought valiantly to uphold the law and make the city a better place. In any other city, it would have worked. Not in Gotham City - a place where greed and corruption stretches from the depths of Crime Alley to the shimmering heights of the mayor's office. Dent's spiral into Gotham City's madness came swiftly after a criminal threw acid into his face, leaving half of it horribly scarred. Seeking refuge in the underbelly of Gotham City, the name Harvey Dent and all the good it stood for was lost...and Two-Face rose from the darkness. Ages 12 and up.