G.I. Joe - Jada - MetalFigs Series 1 18 pack Die Cast

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G.I. Joe Nano MetalFigs Mini-Figure 18-Pack:

Add to your collection of iconic American hero series with the G.I. Joe nano figures! This 18-pack comes with all your favorite characters. Featuring authentic character likeness, these 1 2/3-inch tall mini-figures are made of 100% die-cast metal are sure to bring back a glorious sense of the 1980's nostalgia! Be a Real American Hero! Collect them all to fend off Cobra Commander and his Cobra forces to save us from world domination! Characters include the following: Duke, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Scarlett, Doc, Dusty, Barbecue, Roadblock, Flint, Lady Jade, Firefly, B.A.T. , Cobra Trooper, Zartan, Serpento (subject to change).