Incendium - Death Dealer Blood Splatter FigBiz Action Figure - EE Convention Exclusive


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Death Dealer Blood Splatter FigBiz Action Figure - Con Exclusive:

  • This limited edition exclusive heralds doom for your collectible shelf!
  • Blood Splattered Variant!
  • Features 10 points of articulation and multiple accessories!
Convention Exclusive! From atop his faithful steed, a menacing armor-clad warrior with a horned helmet, looks down upon the havok of the battlefield. His facial features obsured by heavy shadow, he holds a bloody bearded axe and shield at the ready. The limited edition Death Dealer Blood Splatter Variant Frazetta Girls 5-Inch FigBiz Action Figure - Convention Exclusive has arrived and is sure to bring an air of doom to your toys. Featuring 10 points of articulation, the high-quality figure measures about 5-inches tall and comes with an axe, shield, sword, scabbard, belt and clear FigBiz base. Quantities are limited, so order yours right away!

The Death Dealer action figure continues the Incendium Frazetta Girls collab and re-imagines Frank Frazetta's immortal warrior in their signature Saturday-morning style with an original illustrated card back. FigBiz officially licensed action figures are the perfect addition to any collection, inspired by the ultimate era of Saturday morning cartoons!