Marvel Legends - Amazing Spider-Man Series - Hydro-Man (Molten Man BAF)



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Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Hydro-Man Figure:

Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends 6 Inch scale collectible hydro-man figure – Imagine the watery villain clashing against Spider-Man with this high quality 6-inch scale hydro-man figure. 
Marvel comic-inspired design – fans and collectors can recreate the action-packed scenes of the Marvel comic universe with this premium hydro-man figure, inspired by the Marvel Comics.  Premium articulation and detailing – Marvel fans and collectors can appreciate this highly poseable Spider-Man Legends series hydro-man figure, featuring premium deco.

1x Spider-Man (FFH Movie Suit)
1x Spider-Man (FFH Black Movie Suit)
1x Doppelganger Spider-Man
1x Spider-Woman
1x Marvel's Scorpion
1x Marvel's Mysterio
1x Hydro-Man
You'll receive your set packaged in the Hasbro Marvel shipper, then double boxed for protection.  
(subject to change)