Marvel Legends - X-Men - Villains 60th Anniversary Figure Set


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X-Men Marvel Legends Villains 6-Inch Action Figure Set:

  • Just for you X-Men fans!
  • Collectible 6-inch-scale Marvel action figures.
  • You get Random, Pretty Boy, Vertigo, Stryfe, and Zero - with accessories!
  • Detailed to look like their appearance in the X-Men comic.
This collectible 6-inch-scale Marvel action figure set is detailed to look like the Random, Pretty Boy, Vertigo, Stryfe, and Zero characters' appearances in the X-Men comic. Featuring premium detail and multiple points of articulation, the set comes with 15 accessories, including an alternate hand for Stryfe and Vertigo. Zero also has alternate hands, but he brings warp portal accessories. Pretty Boy includes alternate hands, 2 blasters, 2 blaster effects, and 2 blaster smoke effect accessories. There's a lot of X-Men fun to be had in this X-Men Marvel Legends Villains 60th Anniversary 6-Inch Action Figure Set, so don't pass it by! Ages 4 and up.