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Spawn Wave 6 Disruptor 7-Inch Scale Action Figure:

The Spawn Wave 6 Disruptor 7-Inch Scale Action Figure features up to 22 points of articulation and incredible detail. Disruptor includes a pair of alternate hands, energy effects, base attachment, and a display base. The action figure is showcased in Spawn-themed window box packaging.

At one time, Jason Wynn was considered Al Simmons's Boss and friend. Little did Al know that Wynn was plotting Al's death as a sacrifice to Malebolgia. After Al returned as Spawn, Jason Wynn schemed and planned but continually lost to Spawn. After spending time trapped in Hell, he was then freed by a Mysterious Benefactor and returned to Earth as Disruptor! Now able to wield the powers of Hell itself, he serves on the Court of Priests. For ages 14 and up.