Spawn - McFarlane Toys - Page Punchers Spawn and Anti-Spawn 3 Inch Figure 2 Pack with Comic Book


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Spawn and Anti-Spawn 3-Inch Scale Figure with Comic:

Packed with two pocket-sized heroes and villains at 3-inch scale based on the Spawn Universe, you can battle with Spawn and Anti-Spawn! Each figure features 5 points of articulation for punching and kicking action. Comes packaged in a blister pack with an English only reprint of Spawn #1. Don't miss the Spawn Page Punchers Spawn and Anti-Spawn 3-Inch Scale Action Figure 2-Pack with Comic Book for your collection! Ages 14 and up.

Since the dawn of time, the battle between Heaven and Hell has raged. Both sides have won and lost mere inches in the fight. Under the watchful eye of Malebolgia began the Hellspawn program to create the greatest warrior Hell could conceive. Not to be outdone, Heaven’s own scientists started work on the Anti-Spawn project. Anti-Spawns, also known as Redeemers, were the pinnacle of Heaven’s soldiers. They were sent to fight against the forces of Hell in a battle for supremacy in the afterlife! Now in the present day, the current Spawn, Al Simmons, faces off with his former Boss and Mentor, Jason Wynn, in a fight to the death!