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Spawn Wave 2 The Dark Redeemer 7-Inch Scale Figure:

From Todd McFarlane's Spawn comic series comes the Spawn Wave 2 The Dark Redeemer 7-Inch Scale Action Figure. The Dark Redeemer includes his sword and a base. This incredibly detailed figure features up to 22 points of articulation for a full range of posing and play. The Dark Redeemer is showcased in Spawn themed window box packaging.

The Redeemer is considered the Anti-Spawn, heaven's equivalent of Hell's Hellspawn. A powerful religious warrior infused with heavenly matter and purpose to be a durable loyal warrior of God. A mysterious organization known as The Ethereal Masters chose worthy mortals to be the host of the Redeemer and transform into angelic warriors to battle Hell. Unfortunately, the Redeemer typically retains no knowledge of their mortal lives even if they return to the mortal realm. However, the current Redeemer Eddie Frank not only retained his memories, but fueled by his rage towards the Hellspawns made him the most powerful Redeemer to date.